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I’m Sarah Thompson.a Graphic Designer.a Package Designer.a Graphic Artist.an Illustrator.a Social Media Designer.a Team Player.a Dedicated Employee.a Stickler for Details.a Loyal Friend.a Hiker.a Globetrotter.a Concertgoer.an Artist.a Downhill Skier.a Friendly Person.a Creative Thinker.Reliable.Open-minded.Accountable.


About Me

Hi, my name is Sarah Thompson. I am a dedicated and highly motivated Graphic Designer with over 18 years of experience designing multimillion-dollar product lines for Fortune 500 companies as well as print and digital communications for small businesses. I work closely with clients, creative directors, photographers, copywriters, marketing, external agencies, and printers to deliver designs seen by millions of consumers. I am accustomed to delivering results and surpassing expectations. When I am not basking in the glow of my Mac, I enjoy traveling the world, exploring the great outdoors, and attending concerts.

Work Examples



Jim Woods

Creative Leader, Speaker, Educator

Sarah sets the standard when it comes to work ethic. Always the first to arrive, she dives straight into the day's challenges without distraction. Sarah has a fantastic eye for design and is someone the clients always look forward to working with. Her superhuman ability to proof for mistakes and errors made her a go to person on the team. The combination of her fantastic work ethic, solid design skills and attention to detail make Sarah a superstar in the design world. Not only would I recommend Sarah to anyone, I hope I have the chance to work with her in the future.

Kevin Throckmorten

Project Manager, Logistics, Trainer

Sarah is a proven manager, handling tasks and deliverables for multiple cross-functional teams. She is highly organized, utilizing the latest technology to store and manage her production data. Sarah is thorough in her reviews and is very attentive to the details. She is professional and considerate in her communication, especially when production proofs need adjustments. Sarah has demonstrated superior teamwork, issue resolution, and decision making when the team was faced with the issue of an inadvertant ingredient change to a formula that affected over 275 items. Sarah was instrumental in producing new art work, reviewing all product labels, and working through all updates with the US-based regulatory team along with the management team located in Germany. She delivered the promised 24-hour turnaround time on all product labels. Sarah is a reliable leader, a proven manager and a talented artist. She is a must have on any graphics or project team.

Alex Crookshanks

Visual Designer, Graphic Artist, Visual Artist

Sarah is an amazingly talented designer with a keen eye for detail and model work ethic. She’s also one of the most caring people I know. She shows genuine concern for those in her life and her department. Always ready to lend a hand, offer helpful advice, and a supportive comment, Sarah will be someone you find yourself happy to see every day. 

Her designs and attention to every detail make her the perfect fit for any design group. Sarah is wonderfully talented in all Adobe products and an excellent mentor in these programs and every other facet of a design group. A natural leader and organizer, Sarah is quite proactive when sensing the need for some change and helping to implement said change in a positive and helpful fashion. She brings a unique and talented perspective to her work and the work of those around her. Sarah will be an asset to any team.

Dana Forsyth

Director of Brand Marketing at Spectrum Brands

Sarah is a delight to work with! I’ve worked with Sarah for over 12 years and not only is she a very talented artist, she gets the strategy behind the work. Sarah is very diligent in meeting even the tightest of deadlines. She always does it with a great attitude. Sarah is smart, detailed and creative. Snap her up, she would be a great addition to any team.

Marco Niekamp

Marketing Project Manager Aquatics at Spectrum Brands Pet

I worked with Sarah for a long period of time in several international projects. During this time, I learned that Sarah is a reliable and professional colleague. She is timing and quality orientated and a great communicator. This was especially important as we as project team changed over 180+ artworks within a few months. Sarah's contribution in developing artwork files, approving finalized pre-press ready artworks and organizing translation work was key to the project success. All in all Sarah is a valueable asset as a graphic production designer for every project team and a great team player.

Chris Quinones

Sr. Regulatory Compliance Specialist at Wilbur-Ellis

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Sarah. I had the pleasure of working with Sarah for four years at Spectrum Brands Pet, collaborating on many projects over that time. We have worked together effortlessly to put compliant yet aesthetic consumer good labels out in the market. I was impressed not only with her outstanding ability at graphics editing, but also with her patience and open door policy on communication. Sarah has played a crucial role in developing art files, making regulatory changes to artwork, and approving final pre-press files. Recently, Sarah has really shined and proven herself as a valuable asset as we went through a global reformulation project in which she managed the revisions and approvals of approximately 300+ labels while adhering to a very aggressive turn-around time. I would highly recommend Sarah as a team leader for any graphics design project.

Sean Raines

Director of Product Marketing - Aquatics and BSA - Pet, Home and Garden Division at Spectrum Brands, Inc

Sarah is a talented and driven designer. Many times during our time working together she brought creative solutions that drove not only the project forward but also helped us think critically about how we approached design challenges in the future. She is a solid performer and someone I personally could count on to get the job done on time and with great results. Sarah has a amazing attention to detail (I guarantee she proof reads this) but can also see the big picture. I highly recommend Sarah as she would be an asset to any organization.

Deanna Felton

Director of Customer Experience at Qualtrax, Inc.

I would highly recommend using Sarah Thompson for your design projects! We needed someone who was self-reliant, could take our project and run with it. We gave her our conference theme and milestones and she pulled together a polished, professional, creative design; our best program to date! Sarah brought her creativity to the project and definitely is a talented designer. A big bonus is she delivered well before our deadlines. Thank you, Sarah for a project that exceeded our expectations!

Brandon Dodge

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Spectrum Brands

Sarah does great work. She keeps projects moving to meet deadlines. Willing to do what it takes to get the job done.


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